eBook: Let’s take Notes on your iPad – A Beginners Guide to GoodNotes

18. Januar 2021


Let me guess: You saw some stunning pictures of some iPad on Instagram. You saw that other people are using their iPad for university and are taking super beautiful notes with it. And you want to do that too.

But you have no idea how you get from an empty page to outstanding summaries. No clue how to print the notes or how to scan your university papers (Yes! That’s possible!) and everyone is always talking about GoodNotes and how awesome this app is. Still, you are not sure if it’s worth its money.

I know your struggles. Been there, done that. And now I got your back. You will not have to browse endless hours of Youtube videos or thousands of Instagram posts to get the information you want and need. I give them to you! All combined in this book.

I tell you: Soon, you will be the top #studygrammar and “wow” everyone with your outstanding digital notes!

This book combines helpful information with a beautiful layout, playful illustrations, and a clear structure. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to start your digital journey and level up your note-taking-game!

Basic Facts

Included in the Purchase: eBook + 2 GoodNotes Notebook Cover Templates

eBook Format: PDF (you can read it on your tablet, smartphone, or computer)

Pages: 60

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